Different skateboard brands and how they compare

Peyton Jackson, Memorial Staff Writer

When skateboard brands are compared, there is no sure answer on which brand is best to buy. For the user, it all comes down to preference and size availability. There are many ways for an individual to decide what brand is best, but it will always come down to what the user is best accustomed to.

There are many types of skateboards such as the typical pop sickle shaped board as well as long boards. Some of the boards I own are a ReVive pop sickle board and Kryptonics long board. The difference is the shape of the board. The shape of the long board is different from a pop sickle board because a long board has a longer and wider body along with a very small nose. A pop sickle board is almost exactly like it sounds, the boards is shaped like a pop sickle stick that has a larger nose than tail.

Another difference that matters is the build quality. Kryptonics is a corporate owned company that is run by people that do not skate, whereas ReVive is owned by people who do skate. People that do skate typically know what type of wood and how many plies to use when building a board. Generally speaking, corporate owned companies do not know how to build a skateboard in a way that skaters enjoy using. Not to say that Kryptonics doesn’t know anything about skating but they tend not to have the best build quality compared to brands like Toy Machine and ReVive.

Choice of board overall comes down to weather or not one wants to do tricks or not. Trucks are what attach your bearings and wheels to the board. I’m currently using Independent Trucks but I also recommend Krux Trucks. For new skateboard enthusiasts, one should know typical pop sickle shaped board will be best for tricks and a long board will be best is all one want to do is ride.

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