Betsy DeVos devotion to education

Betsy Devos budget cuts could hurt schools all over.

Betsy Devos budget cuts could hurt schools all over.

Kara George, Staff Writer

Betsy DeVos has made a proposition to cut $7 billion dollars worth of grant for education. On March 29, the  $18 million dollar federal grant cut suggested for the Special Olympics was denied. It is still possible for this decision to be reversed.

President Donald Trump states that retrenchment will “empower parents” so they can choose any type of schooling for their child. Yet, this proposed curtailment could affect schools all across the country and how they work by cutting the funding for after-school activities such as after-school care and teacher training. Devo’s proposed grant reductions to education will not only affect elementary schools and high schools but also colleges and universities.

“These cutbacks are going to make the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” chemistry teacher Kyle Hawkins said.

The cut could alter schools all over the country. It could affect bigger schools such as Santa Fe, North and Memorial or smaller schools like Kellyville schools, Star Spencer and Bethany by making it difficult to fund their activities like sports and arts. It will upset the funding for training teachers and after-school activities for less fortunate students.

“All of the programs in Edmond help students and I wouldn’t want there to be a cut in any of them,” said Santa Fe principal Jason Hayes, “so I don’t know who would support it (the proposition).”

Along with the education cuts the plan originally included an $18 million dollar cut to federal grants for the Special Olympics. It was proposed so the cut would take less from schooling funds for after-school activities yet it would have removed funding for something very important to the population involved within the Special Olympics. This proposition was turned down during the last few days of March, so the funding is going to be present for the coming years.

“We are grateful that president Trump reauthorized funding for the Special Olympics school programs,” said special education teacher Jane Bowden. “This has been a long-standing way for this population to be involved in sports completely.”

The Special Olympics will still be funded, but the educational cuts are still being debated and people do not know fully how this will affect education and schools. This leaves education at a standstill until something is decided.


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