Netflix original or not so original?

Lauren Crouch, Memorial Staff Writer

Netflix released a new original movie April 10 titled “The Silence,” but how original is it? The plot is all too similar to another film that was released just last year, “A Quiet Place.¨ It seems too fast for the filming production to jump on the new trend of the characters having to live without making any noise or they would be killed by vicious creatures called visps.

Another movie that Netflix created that went along with this trend was the movie “Birdbox” where the characters were not able to see anything or they would die, which was a huge success so they may have felt the need to create another for more recognition for their original movies.

“The Silence” focuses around a deaf, teenage girl, Ally (Kiernan Shipka), and her family with the struggles of trying to escape the deadly creatures who feed on humans. The character roles in “The Silence” are nearly identical to those in “A Quiet Place” where there is also a deaf daughter, so the family is comfortable with using sign language as they are trying to reach safety from the creatures.

“The Silence” was originally a book by Tim Lebbon which was published in Aug. 2015 and then was adapted into a movie directed by John Leonetti. The production was created by Constantin Films and IM Global.

Overall, the movie had very natural acting and a fully developed resolution at the end of the movie that was not a cliffhanger. This is unlike how “A Quiet Place” left everyone confused on what had just happened, making it very apparent that they would make a sequel to it. “The Silence” filled all of the plot holes that were missing in “A Quiet Place” and made it much more enjoyable when there weren’t any massive loopholes that were in place.  

A major negative about the movie was how graphic the directors had to make the killing of the people and the remains of the bodies. However, it did make the movie seem more realistic, as if this truly would happen to the world. This movie would not be recommended to those who are sensitive to graphic content.

Also the idea of making it a series instead of one film may have been a better idea so the writers could go into more detail behind the background of the creatures and the difficulties Ally went through when she lost her hearing.

Even though ¨The Silence¨ had minor flaws, the filming production left the door wide open for a sequel or even a spin off series to follow up on the ending. Many fans that enjoy the new movie and the trend overall may feel like they need more of an epilogue than they were given from it and hope for a sequel, but it would not be a surprise if Netflix were to start filming part two of the horror film a couple months after the release date.

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