What not to watch

Allie Schein, Memorial Staff Writer

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Movies can be amazing and gripping to watch. It is easy sit in front of the TV for hours watching movies all through the night, but even though there are many gems, there are always some rotten ones in the bunch. Here are the worst movies that are so bad, it is impossible to watch them without cringing.

When I think of bad movies, the first that comes to my mind is “SPF-18”. Now, this movie is a very obvious teenage romantic comedy. Three teenagers, cousins Penny and Camilla and Penny’s boyfriend, Johnny, stay in Keanu Reeves’ beach house. While staying there they meet another teenage guy who is a country star on the rise, and that is basically the entire plot.

The whole premise of the movie was strange. Every little thing that happened made me question the sanity of the writers. The plot was so odd and obscure, it almost seems like it is trying to be the “Scary Movie” of teen rom-coms, but fails miserably.

Although this movie is absolute garbage, it is still fun to watch and make fun of, especially with a group of friends.

Speaking of romance movies, “One Day” is not the best, though not nearly as bad as SPF-18. It follows two college graduates, Emma and Dexter, who become good friends after graduation.

The movie goes through both of their lives and the different paths each of them take. While the beginning was sweet and nice, the audience soon learns that Dexter is a horrible person. As the movie went on, everything he did made me hate him a little more.

While the writing of the movie is not odd or strange like in SPF-18, it was too predictable. The idea of the movie was great, but the execution was not.

Moving on from romance to action, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is probably the worst comic book movie I have ever seen. X-Men Origins does exactly what the title says, it explains where Wolverine came from and how he became the powerful mutant the world knows and loves.

Although the movie sounds great in theory, and it makes sense to add to the X-Men franchise for all the Wolverine fans who didn’t read the comics, the execution was downright awful and disgraceful to the characters.

I thought plot was choppy, it almost seemed like they tried to cram too much information into one movie. But, the absolute worst part of the movie is the portrayal of Deadpool. They totally ruined and warped the original character that comic book enthusiasts fell in love with, making him unrecognizable.

Although the movie is garbage, it is a necessary movie for X-Men fans to watch so they can really understand Wolverine’s origins.

Saving the worst for last, the most horrible movie I have ever seen is definitely “My Teacher, My Obsession.” ‘Creepy’ is the best word that could describe this awful, unpleasant and terrible film. My Teacher, My Obsession follows an insane student who stalks her teacher by becoming best friends with his daughter.

No one in their right mind would enjoy watching this movie without cringing, the whole plot of the movie is just bad. This movie’s genre is labeled horror, and it suits the movie well, but not for the right reasons.

What is supposed to be “scary” seems cliche and boring, and what is supposed to be “interesting” about the movie is actually terrifying. The only way to truly experience the actual horror is to go and watch it, but be wary of the horrific events that take place in the film.

While these movies are garbage, never judge something based on someone else’s opinion. These movies are fun to watch for a good laugh, but be sure to watch them before they’re removed from Netflix, which I highly recommend they consider doing.

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