Jason Brandt: facility manager and friend to Santa Fe


Facility manager Jason Brandt takes a break from his busy day working around Santa Fe.

Sydney Varner, Santa Fe Editor in Chief

Students in Santa Fe are oftentimes aware of the work teachers and administrators put into their education but are not aware of  how the little things are done.

Everything from unlocking the doors, to raising the flag and helping substitute teachers set up in classrooms doesn’t just happen; Facility manager Jason Brandt works behind the scenes everyday to make sure Santa Fe runs smoothly.

Brandt  has been working as facility manager for Santa Fe for three and a half years now after moving from a facility manager position at a private school in Georgia. Within these short few years, Brandt has left his mark on Santa Fe’s building, faculty and students.

“Mr. Brandt is the backbone of the school,” said yearbook advisor and english teacher Monica Nguyen. “He makes sure that every part of the building is in the best shape for the school to function. Brandt’s always moving around the building at all times to make sure that the building is taken care of. He puts the school first and will drop whatever he’s doing to help anyone that asks.”

As facility manager, Brandt is tasked with knowing just about everything about the building. From arriving at Santa Fe between 6-7 a.m. every morning to start the day, to closing down the building in the evenings and to checking in every weekend and all summer, it’s no secret Brandt has put in countless hours of work and love into the school.

“Number one [responsibility] is protection of the students, faculty, staff and all the teachers,” Brandt said. “It’s protection from something as simple as germs, to making sure that we’re up to all our fire safety codes, alarms are working, intercoms are working and just providing a safe environment for everyone.”

Despite all of Brandt’s hard work, some students haven’t paid attention to everything he does.

“Not many students really know how much Mr. Brandt does,” sophomore Kira Wilke said. “[Students] should show their gratitude more often for all the work he does.”  

Working full time for the students and faculty at Santa Fe is no easy task but Brandt takes on every new challenge with a smile and a good attitude.

“My motto is this: we’re all in this together,” Brandt said. “Even between students and staff, when we work together life is just that much easier.”