Santa Fe Young Women’s Association provides girls with their dream prom


Young Women's Association (YWA) set up their venue with racks of beautiful, donated dresses.

Sydney Varner, Santa Fe Editor in Chief

As girls’ social media feeds fill with glittering gowns and beautiful boutiques, the 2019 ‘prom season’ has started across the state.

Shops like Serendipity and Tres Jolie are hot spots for the latest prom fashions but fashion comes at a cost and those are oftentimes expensive. Prices can be a deterrent for those who want a classic high school prom experience but may not be able to afford it. This is where Santa Fe’s Young Women’s Association (YWA) decided to step in.

YWA put on Santa Fe’s first annual Prom Dress Drive held on Apr. 3. Students donated their old prom dresses and accessories to the club who then organized and set up the drive; the dresses and accessories were given away for free.

The idea originated with vice president of YWA, junior Abigail Veliz, who hopes to leave a lasting impact on girls around Santa Fe and the community.

“I think the drives impact is equivalent to a small step in a large series of steps to our club’s success in helping girls in the the community,” Veliz said. “I know that the drive didn’t just help a handful of girls find their dream prom dress, it also opened awareness to all the girls at Santa Fe to the kindness that our club can spread.”

YWA was created during the 2017-18 school year and this year’s Prom Dress Drive was their first event planned and held by their club alone. The club collected 75 donated dresses and gave away 10 of those dresses to give girls her dream prom night; the other 65 dresses were then donated to a small organization collecting dresses for military wives attending various formal events.

“I hope it helps young ladies who might not otherwise be able to afford a dress or just don’t want to spend that kind of money on a dress,” said YWA sponsor and english teacher Heather Bowlan. “I hope it shows that the YWA is here to support other young women in a positive manner.”

As YWA continues to grow in Santa Fe and in the community, events like the Prom Dress Drive are just small parts of a whole throughout the community of young women at Santa Fe.

“I’m really excited for the next year and all the opportunities that will be brought to the table,” said junior and YWA member Reagan Ross. “Going out into the community can be intimidating when you try to do it on your own so having a great group of girls to experience it with is encouraging!”