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"Shazam" earned $220,700,000 internationally in profits and has been received by the public as a good movie with a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Avery Tawater, Memorial Staff Writer

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If one could change their entire life with one word, would it be Shazam? For Billy Watson (Asher Angel) in the new DC Comics movie that is the case.

The movie starts out with Doctor Sivana (Mark Strong) as a kid, being told negative things about himself by his father and brother. In a long car ride, Strong was fiddling with an 8-ball and soon the story was put together. He received a message on the ball that took him to an alternate world and back.

Fast forward about 20 years; Doctor Sivana is trying to figure out how the magic happened when he was a child by starting a research company. Billy Watson (Asher Angel) was a troubled kid who was trying to find his parents, he soon was chosen to absorb all the magic which changed him from a 15 year old boy to a 28 year old man (Zachary Levi) switching back and forth between powers and a normal life with one simple word.

This film took way too long to introduce the main story and drug out the plot to make it seem more complicated, but all that happen was a repeat of Doctor Sivana’s story. During the climax, it felt as if there wasn’t even a full storyline. The negative’s of this film are abundant, but one positive was adding magic to the DC movie.

Normally  DC adds CGI and made the movies about the events leading up until the fighting action. In Shazam,  the magic was the main plot and the action was more of a side plot by not having as much fighting an violence which made it differ from the rest. The magic started out at the beginning and went until the ending making viewers watch every detail to keep up.

Another upside of the movie is that it teaches viewers much about teamwork especially when Billy Watson makes a couple of friends during the adventure and they conquer many obstacles through the movie with other kids, villans, and personal issues.

I would not recommend this film; it is very long and complicated. It is necessary to pay attention to every detail. To be able to watch and not pay as much attention you must know superhero and comic book DC created, it is important to grasp everything that is happening. There were several parts that made you think and question what was going on, but overall the plot was interesting, causing viewers to watch the movie and having one’s brain also watch too. /.

As far as the scenes, music, and effects, I’d give the movie a benefit of the doubt, not being a superhero movie watcher I wouldn’t recommend this being one’s first superhero movie to watch. It had plenty of good moments but I wouldn’t say it was a normal superhero movie.

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