Having a career in high school

Gavin Graham works at the Smoothie King on Western and Memorial.

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Gavin Graham works at the Smoothie King on Western and Memorial.

Koby Goree, Santa Fe Staff Writer

Many upperclassmen students have jobs in high school at small local businesses like fast food restaurants or grocery stores so they can pay for things their parents don’t want to pay for.

While having an independent source of income in high school might be nice, it can also be very stressful. Students have to be able to manage their time wisely in order to balance school with work and any other extra curricular activities they might be involved in.

“It’s really stressful at first trying to find a way to balance school work and work itself,” said sophomore and Braum’s employee Lillie Huffman. “It takes up a lot of my free time but has really improved my time management skills, social skills, and financial skills.”

Having a job in high school doesn’t always have to be a burden. If a student finds the right job, it can be enjoyable and financially beneficial.

Junior Gavin Graham has worked almost his whole life. He helped out at his family’s flower shop when he was younger and now works at Smoothie King.

“I love my job,” Graham said. “I sometimes get to work with friends and have fun while doing work. I have tons of fun working there and when I’m not really doing anything, it gives me something to do, something I enjoy.”

In some cases, having a job in high school can better prepare them for their future after school. It can provide them with a sense of what is expected of them with their chosen career.

Senior Cameron Lang works as a teen volunteer in the Oklahoma City Zoo junior curator program, a group of 45 high school students who work with animal keepers, educators and special events at the Zoo.

“Although I’m not paid, working as a volunteer has definitely helped prepare me for my future,” Lang said. “I’ve been able to get tons of experience in my future career field and my position looks great on a resume.”

There are many reasons for for a high school student to have a job in high school; it might be for money or just something else to do in their life. Either way, it is important to find something enjoyable and teaches life lessons as well.

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