Are you ready to become a Husky?


Sidney Norman

This was what I looked like as a freshman!

Brynly Brown, North Staff Writer

Edmond North is a massive school compared to the familiar environment of middle school. I remember that I felt petrified when I looked at my schedule and realized that I had to go to both buildings, Freshman and the main building. The feeling of seeing upperclassmen as well as getting lost was absolutely terrifying when I thought about it in my mind.  While I walked the halls for the first time, I was overwhelmed trying to find my classes. As I practiced for three days before the first day of school, I anxiously took photos and notes on my phone so I wouldn’t get lost. As we practiced walking to my classes over and over, my mom and I were sweating as we timed ourselves to ensure I could make it to each class in the five minute passing period. It made me realize  how far apart they actually are and it was stressful and intimidating.

I remember buying those cheap wallpapers, shelves and fancy decorations for my locker But thinking back, I didn’t need any of those things. I definitely didn’t need those for my locker so you maybe not use them too.  Remember how your locker was a lifesaver, not this time! You just need a really good backpack! I haven’t seen any high schoolers use their locker. I don’t even know my locker combination or can remember where it is even located.

During the first week, you will also be introduced to table after table soliciting for you to join their clubs. I highly recommend for you to be involved in something.  If clubs aren’t for you, try out for a sport, band, choir or journalism.

I know, I know. The biggest question in your mind is, “Who am I going to sit with at lunch?” Trust me, I know that’s what we all really care about! My biggest advice is after you get your schedule, text everyone that you know and ask them about what lunch they have before the first day. Be prepared to sit with anyone that you have ever had contact with.  It doesn’t have to be your best friend, it doesn’t have to be your neighbor, it can be anyone! It is better than sitting by yourself. When it was lunch time for me, I was scared about who I was going to sit with. I found one of my old friends who made some new friends and I found my group. In high school, you will find what kind of group that fits you. Remember, who you hang around with is a reflection of who you are. As the school year goes on, people find out where their comfort zones are and your lunch table might change.

My eyes started to notice some new faces and some caught my attention more than others. My mind was thinking, who is this hottie? Some will fall deeply in love easilly while others are still being selective and are still waiting for their perfect match. I didn’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the high school sea even if I didn’t catch one right away. For those new at dating, the fear of the possibility of rejection can be horrible and not worth the risk. The decision on who has the most guts to tell the other they like them first is the hardest part of beginning a high school relationship.  

Let me prepare or should I say, warn you. Tests and quizzes will overload your calendar. I don’t want to scare you but be ready to lose sleep.. Throughout my freshman year, I stayed up until midnight studying for every quiz and every test. Whenever I got a good grade, soon enough there was another test! I had to do it all over again! Finals week… don’t even get me started. This is when everyone is counting their absences and praying that they can exempt a test if they don’t have too many absences. You will be calucting your grade every day on campus online. You will spend your nights making Quizlets, Kahoots, and study guides. Tests and quizzes are worth a lot of points to your grade, so get studying and bring some coffee!

Senior students called Husky Mentors come every other Wednesday to speak to Freshman. Mentors offer advice, answer questions and give tips. They have been there and done that so they know their stuff.

Okay, there one a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of changes that happen during this transition. There are a range of changes that happen during this transition from getting braces off to finding a new group of friends. It’s normal not to hang out with the same group of friends that you did from middle school. You will find your groove and your friends that will make you happy. Remember, who you hang around is a reflection of who you are.

When the time comes, buy all the Edmond North shirts that you can, and wear that Husky name proudly. Relax, you will survive.


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