Is Human Anatomy worth it?


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Anatomy & Physiology textbooks like the one shown, provide a wealth of information for students.

Addie Detrich, North Staff Writer

Out of all the sciences available to study at North, Human Anatomy is the most geared towards students wanting to enter the medical field. Although regarded as an easy-A by some, Human Anatomy can be a rewarding experience where instead of having to harness WebMD for all self-diagnosing rendezvous, students learn how to implement the body’s functions into a medical setting. Some could be considered ignorant if they do not know the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, but do not fret as Human Anatomy will cover that.

Human Anatomy is a might be good opportunity to explore options. Students who think they want to go into the medical field can learn early if they have the guts to dig their scalpel into a cow eye or a sheep brain. Classes may even offer a real life kidney transplant video. Before even entering college, kids can understand what their body can handle and what it cannot.

For students who have no interest at all in biological science, Human Anatomy could be pretty useless. The only thing students like these can get out of Human Anatomy is a science credit and information that they may never use again. With that, valuable information like how the heart works or tissue functions can be obtained easily with a quick Google search, while dodging unnecessary facts.

Abby Karbs, a sophomore, will be taking Human Anatomy with her friends. She wants to go into medical school and become a physical therapist.

“I am taking Human Anatomy junior year because it sounds like a class I would like,” said Karbs.

There are so many science options at North, no upperclassman should have to suffer through a class they are remotely interested in. Classes chosen with likeness instead of easiness in mind are the ones most enjoyed.

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