Students try out for the squads


The new Varsity Pom squad poses for a picture after finding out they had made the 2019-2020 team.

Lauren Minnix, North Staff Writer

As the 2018-2019 school year starts to come to a close, tryouts are beginning for the next school year’s sports and activities. The North varsity and freshman pom and cheer squad tryouts were held on March 30. They had a total 87 of students try out for the four squads. 20 for the freshman pom squad, 13 for the freshman cheer squad, 27 for the varsity pom and 27 for the cheer squad.

Before the big tryout day, both pom and cheer held a three day clinic for the girls trying out in order for the them to learn the dances, chants and to practice their skills. The first day of clinic is dedicated to learning all of the tryout material. On the second day, the outgoing seniors take a small group of girls to help them perfect the dance and answer any questions they may have. The last day is a mock tryout with the seniors as the judges and give constructive criticism to the students. This day is essential to help ease the nerves of those trying out and to better prepare them. Along with the tryout clinic, they will spend extra time practicing and perfecting their skills such as technique, tumbling, turns and more.

Senior Maddie Haiges has been on the Pom squad for all four years of high school and helped with the mock tryouts on Friday, March 29.

“This year as a senior was the best since I didn’t have to stress, and I loved watching all of the girls dance,” Haiges said.

After all of the prep throughout the week, the girls are ready to tryout in front of five judges who are brought in from around the state to get an unbiased result. For the cheer team, they must show their best running tumbling pass, standing tumbling, jumps, drumline and a cheer. For the pom team, they are judged on their leaps, kicks, turns, toe touch, dance and a chant. Once the judges scored everyone and made their decision, the results of who made the squads are posted on their website. Junior Brynne O’Connor has been on the cheer team since freshman year, and recently made the varsity cheer team for her senior year.

“The best part of tryouts is being with all my best friends and all of the fun that we have during it,” O’Connor said.

Along with tryouts to be on the teams, both pom and cheer hold tryouts for the State team. Pom, the reigning State Champion, selected the 16 members of the State team, two are selected as alternates, from their tryout in March. Whereas cheer, the five time reigning State Champion, holds a separate practice with the State coach who then chooses 24 members, four of which are alternates. All four squads are gearing up for the 2019- 2020 season and are hopeful to bring home two more State Championships to North.

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