Society’s disorder: “Shrill”

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"Shrill" is available to be streamed through Hulu.

Avery Tawater, Memorial Staff Writer

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Recently released Hulu Original “Shrill” illustrates the everyday lives of people that are obese. It gives insight on what their lives feel like, following their struggles, the positives and the emotions of thinking they are being judged all the time.

Annie Easton (Aidy Bryant) struggles with how she views her self-image and the “problems” with her body. The show starts out with Annie putting on a slim fitting shirt and then continues on to her stretching it, trying to make it less tight. The next scene shows her eating two plain pancakes in a small container to eat “healthier.” As the show carries on it shows how Annie is treated differently.

The entire first episode provides an outlook on how she feels and tries to relate to the problems of each episode to society. The show has named each episode in the season the problem, or the person the problem is dealing with. Episode one is titled “Annie” which is fitting as it shows a day in her life and how she is treated. Episode two is titled “Date” where it tells about Annie wanting to go on a first date but being too self-conscious about it.

As the show continued throughout the series it was encouraging people not to judge a book by its cover, the way it is introduced from the beginning to end it follows through the point of society’s problem. Making the most untalked about disorder be known.

I hope this show continues on. It does many wonderful things that could really help today’s world. The way it takes on many tasks by intertwining personal problem with work problems and real-life situations is incredible.

These episodes have given an amazing overview of how people view themselves versus how others view them. To illustrate how others may think or feel that have these problems is really eye-opening. Relating to societies problems and providing an idea on how to help is what makes the show even better. It allows many people that are struggling with obesity to see their struggles being portrayed on television.

Every episode gives an example of a real-world problem and gives the reason, how it was formed and the way they try to control it. This show has given this situation attention, encouraging everybody to feel comfortable in their own skin.

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