Hustling with heart

Avery Tawater, Memorial Staff Writer

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Memorial’s JV boys soccer played their last game April 25 in a tournament against Deer Creek, Stillwater and Norman North and end up taking in last place. Despite the loss of the tournament, the team developed good cooperation skills and a lasting bond.

Coach Ryan McCaul spoke about the team’s accomplishments this season and how that fueled the team in the tournament.

The team played pretty well all season. Our records may not reflect that,” McCaul said. “Sometimes in soccer, you can play a really great game and not have the outcome you would hope for.”

Sophomore Ben Bishop stated the team’s ability to communicate was not the strongest but with it being the last game, being able to pass the ball to each other, as well as their dedication to the game makes them want to work harder for next season.

“This season hasn’t been the greatest, in some areas we have really good strengths and our weakness just makes us want to work and become better,” Bishop said.

The coach recognized the team’s trouble to communicate and even pointed out what could help strengthen this.

“I think more time playing together would allow these guys to communicate better with each other and build team chemistry in general,” McCaul said.

Senior Daniel Beckman claimed that the mindset he went in with did not follow through the game as the time was being cut close.

“I was sort of hopeful going in there but the longer we didn’t push through,  I was less hopeful,” Beckman said.

The loss in the tournament was negative, but one positive is the friends and moments they share together from the season.

“The memories will always stay with me, making the loss not as bad,” Bishop said.

As far as next season, the team will have plenty of time to work on their weaknesses and help build each other up as well as prepare for tournaments, giving them more hope for positive future outcomes.

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