Beyonce “Homecoming”

ebonee miller, Memorial Staff Writer

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Netflix recently premiered singer Beyonce’s surprise film, Homecoming. The two hour 17 minute long film is centered around Beyonce’s 2018 Coachella music and arts festival performance.

This movie is arguably unlike other movies on Netflix in that Beyonce produced, directed and wrote the movie herself. In the film she takes viewers in depth as it goes behind the scenes of creating the Coachella performance. They show small clips of the dancers practicing. Then the next scene is them actually performing on stage. Beyonce shows her struggles of losing weight and trying to have her body go back to how it looked before giving birth to her twin children only months prior to Coachella.

The music in the performance was amazing and for most of the performance, she had a large band playing. She wanted to diversify the types of music being showed.  Many different artists came out on stage when she performed. She had guitarists, violinists and pianists with solos during different songs.

Beyonce made it clear that she wanted diversity with her dancers and during the whole movie dance styles such as majoret, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and many more were exhibited. The dancing was never dull; it was high energy, keeping me entertained the whole time. With each song change, different dance styles were portrayed with the choreography that went together with the music.

Her visual effects were breathtaking, with the many different angles shown. Beyonce, her dancers and the band would be wearing yellow but then the camera would make it appear as though they had changed their yellow outfits to pink. It actually looked like they changed their clothes and the lighting was spot on. I have never seen effects look that realistic with so much movement.

In the background you can hear Beyonce narrating when they would show videos of them practicing in rehearsal or them trying on their new costumes. When they would show them in a dress rehearsal. It would jump and show the dancer performing in them and how it at all came together.

The movie was very personal, it showed the blood, sweat and tears that went into creating such an amazing performance. Her family was seen talking about the countless hours that it took to make Coachella successful. In the documentary, Beyonce talks about the importance of black culture, history and colleges which is broadcasted throughout the whole film. She was very hands on and was severely honest on how she wanted everything to look.

Overall, I felt as though I was there watching her performing live. The film was well produced and I highly recommend watching it. My favorite part was all of the high energy displayed through the performance.

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