Skateboarding: an under acknowledged community

Skateboarding has been a popular pastime for many years.

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Skateboarding has been a popular pastime for many years.

Peyton Jackson, Memorial Staff Writer

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For a small community of student skateboarders, a club would provide a much needed way to share their love of the sport.

With the increase in youth joining the sport, there should be a club where skateboarders meet up and at the very least talk about their recent accomplishments related to the sport and their interests in the culture.

This would also open opportunities to have more clubs for other sports that aren’t as well known such as, roller blading or BMX, which involves riding a bicycle on rough terrain. Soon the school could have an entire community dedicated to different types of skating.

“I think a skateboarding club would be great because students could meet other people who skate and learn new tricks,” sophomore Lane Remedies said. 

Not only could a club benefit the people who enjoy the sport but it could also benefit other students, allowing them to connect on a more personal level based on their interests.

“If there were a club, it would be cool to just talk about different skateboarding things and learn new tricks,” Remedies said.

However, learning new tricks in school raises some red flags for the faculty, but if it was in a nondestructive way then there should be no problem with letting them skate as long as the halls don’t turn into a Thrasher: Hall of meat submission.

With a skateboarding club at Memorial, it could also open up the opportunity to expand friend groups outside of school and enrich the Edmond skating community. The school would be bringing a group of previously unconnected students together.

“I would feel amazing if we were to have a skateboarding club,” Government teacher Corey Ayers said. “I think it would open many opportunities for students and faculty,”

Not only is there support from the students, but the staff is also on board to help receive this much wanted and needed club.

“I think a skateboarding club would be great,” English teacher Regan Killackey said. “Especially in the year 2019, skateboarding is a hobby that transcends sports and really does dictate a lot of style choices because of its cultural significance.”

With a club for sports like skateboarding, this might give the school more ideas for clubs that will connect the interests of students and teachers. This will allow students to meet others they might not have without the club and develop life long friendships. 

Although according to Principle Anthony Rose there has been no skating club proposed, and seeing as how students are not allowed to have skateboards on campus, it could be a hard time being approved. Students could still meet up and talk about their boards and could go off campus to a nearby skate park and enjoy the sport together. 

A skateboarding club could improve the overall moral and energy of the school by giving a space to a group where students all share the same passion and have the same amount of energy and excitement for this sport.

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