Don’t be a fool, be ready for back to school


Brooke Burris

A student is hard at work on their first week back to school.

Makinzy Todd, Memorial Staff Writer

With the 2019-20 school year starting up, there comes stress, worry and pressure added onto students that can be difficult to manage. While there may not be any way to navigate through these high school years without experiencing a few of these problems, I have a few tips to help out along the way:

  • Make friends. Even if the relationship starts off with something simple like asking for a pencil, as long as you’re friendly, they will be there if you have any difficulties or questions about the class.
  • Stay organized. With organization comes less stress and less scrambling around trying to find notes or homework. 
  • Don’t let grades stress you out. Yes, they are important, but they never take precedence over mental health. If things start to become too difficult, ask someone for help. High school is ultimately about learning, but it is equally important to have a good time during these years. 
  • Create good relationships with your teachers. When it comes time for needing homework help or if you ever need a recommendation letter for a job or college, teachers will be more willing to assist you if you have a positive relationship. 
  • Be involved in extracurricular activities. One of the best ways to make connections and memories is through clubs, sports or even jobs, as well as participating in school activities and being involved in events going on throughout the year. Having a constant support system behind you can be a vital part of handling the ups and downs of these rocky years. 
  • Don’t blow off classes. Even if they do not seem important in the moment, grades matter. Do what you can in classes and put your best effort into your work.

All in all, high school can include some of the best and worst moments in life. In my experience, it can be stressful, fun, boring, tiring, exciting but most of all, memorable. So don’t waste away the years worrying and stressing. Have fun, and if you follow some of these simple tips, it might just make your high school life a little easier.

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