Russ(ell) on the music hustle

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"Crown" is now out on streaming services.

Colt Beat, Memorial Co-Editor-in-Chief

Being his seventh non-album single of the year, Russell Vitale’s (Russ) song “Crown,” which was released Sept. 20, proves to be a standout from the rest of his recent songs. 

From “Ain’t Goin’ Back” which talks about his motivation to not return to his life before fame to “Paranoid” where he discusses mental health issues, and then to “Rent Free” where he confronted the opposition he receives for his music, “Crown” shows a more open and affectionate side of the artist.

Although Russ is known for producing his music individually, he utilized the talents of Boi-1da, Jahaan Sweet and The Rascals to produce the track. His cadence and hoarse voice, in addition to his steady rap skills, remains the same since his SoundCloud days. However, the song has reflected that it has become more refined over the years. 

The song catches the listener with its chorus, where he begins rapping the lyrics and eventually transitions towards the end of the chorus into a smooth, auto-tuned singing voice that repeats the word “crown” multiple times. This repetition of “crown” is interpreted to effectively communicate how Russ feels about this potential girlfriend, who should be applauded and recognized for her successes and achievements. His soft, effortless vocals mixed with familiar but pleasing background music paves the way towards a wondrous track. 

Starting the first verse, Russ transforms his established subtle, flowing voice into one that is more compelling, showing off his vocal execution. Through his soothing and calm vocals, his lyrical pleas about this relationship, as well as his fondness and admiration towards the supposed female, showcases his vulnerability and passionate intentions. 

Acting as both the second and final verse, this part of the song lyrically reveals and justifies his desire to be in this relationship and how essentially, Russ is caught in a situation where this particular girl is “playing” hard to get. Listeners are certainly able to connect that Russ would give up anything for a chance with this individual, giving reasoning as to why she may deserve a symbolic crown: to show that she means the world to Russ.

For someone who does not listen to the artist regularly, this track will without a doubt open eyes (and ears) to the notion that it is in their best interest to both explore and appreciate Russ’ music and achievements.

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