Abominable: cute creature, horrible movie

This is the third movie about a yeti this year, while Dreamworks put a lot of work into the movie, it didn't not meet audience expectations.

This is the third movie about a yeti this year, while Dreamworks put a lot of work into the movie, it didn’t not meet audience expectations.

Lauren Crouch, Memorial Staff Writer

 Abominable, released Sept 27, is about a Yeti who escapes a research center and becomes lost in a large city located in China. Then a teenage girl, Yi (Chloe Benett), who has snuck out of her apartment to practice her violin, finds the terrified Yeti, an abominable snowman, on her roof.

Yi and her two friends, Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) and Peng (Albert Tsai), help protect him from the owner of the research center, and a zoologist. The three friends soon find that this Yeti lived and had a family on Mt. Everest, so they decide to name the Yeti Everest, and set out on the 2,000 mile journey to return him home. 

Dreamworks and China’s Pearl Studio’s newly released movie was directed by Jill Culton and produced by Suzanne Buirgy and Dave Polsky.

How original are these newly created kid’s movies? The all-too-familiar kid’s movie plot of the main character finding an animal, bonding with it and going on a mission to return it home is used once again. It is added to the list of many movies that use this same plot, such as Up and Home.

Abominable had a lot of questions that were unanswered, and the younger audience of the theater seemed utterly confused and weren’t able to comprehend most of the storyline. Even when the cheesy jokes came up, the children in the theater did not respond by laughing, and the movie just did not appeal to them.

The best part of the movie was the cute cuddly Yeti creature and the music soundtrack, composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams. The music fit perfectly with the movie and they were very well-known songs, such as the works of Bebe Rexha and Coldplay.

It was quite obvious that the release of this was soon before the holidays because they wanted to create merchandise and make money off of the adorable Yeti creature through parents buying their kids presents. 

To make the movie better, they probably should have stayed away from the cheesy jokes that didn’t even relate to the plot and focus more on giving the audience a resolution and filling in the holes in the plot. I would not recommend going to this movie and wasting the money to see it, since even the little kids were not entertained when the movie was targeted to appeal them. 


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