The Good Place’s final season


The Good Place has aired on NBC since 2016, but will come to an end after a four season run.

Allie Schein, Memorial Staff Writer

The Good Place will come to an end after its fourth season with its first episode, “A Girl From Arizona,” airing Sept. 26 on NBC. The first season aired on NBC in 2016, and since its release, it has been a hit among fans and critics alike. The show gives its take on what the afterlife could be like, with its own version of Heaven, the Good Place, and Hell, the Bad Place. The show follows Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Kristen Bell, and her experiences in the afterlife. 

Eleanor is placed in the Good Place because of her supposed good actions on earth, but is actually supposed to be in the Good Place’s counterpart, the Bad Place. Throughout season one, Eleanor tries her best to change so she can actually belong in the Good Place and avoid being exposed and sent to the Bad Place. Several plot twists occur throughout the show that change the main focus of the story, and with the first episode of season four, it was easy to tell this would also happen.

“A Girl From Arizona” gave no clues as to how the show would end, and honestly this is probably preferable. Not knowing what the outcome of the story will be is a perfect way to keep their audience hooked on the show, and since the focus of it is drastically different than the other seasons, the show won’t become repetitive.

The decision to end the show after season four is good for the show as a whole. So many movies, books and TV shows like Supernatural, Star Wars and Percy Jackon become repetitive or boring after being dragged out for too long. With such an amazing show like The Good Place, it would be a shame if it were deemed “bad” because it was overdone. 

NBC’s success with The Good Place is not new to the station. Many other comedies the station produced have had huge success. The Good Place’s creator, Michael Schur, has actually worked on other NBC comedies including The Office, Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine: all shows that have been just as or even more successful than The Good Place. And because Schur contributed to each of the programs, the comedy style of The Good Place utilizes is very similar to other shows. 

Season four will end sometime in January of 2020, and based off what the first episode has already shown, fans could likely expect the final season to exceed their expectations. The end of a TV show is always sad for viewers, but considering how shows similar to The Good Place have only ended after being dragged out for too long, fans should be happy the show will most likely end in a “Good Place.”


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