Wizard World Comic Con takes on Tulsa


Customers of the comic con work hard to get through the tight crowd.

Peyton Jackson, Memorial Staff Writer

On Sept. 6 through Sept. 8 a comic convention (Comic Con) was held at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel sponsored by Wizard World, a company that organizes vendors, and showcase celebrities like Jason Momoa (Aquaman,) Teddy Sears who played Zoom from the second season of The Flash and Cary Elwis who played Westly in The Princess Bride, were all present for this event. Tickets were anywhere from 60 to 100 dollars. The experience over all was decent at best and did not welcome any newcomers what so ever.

Compared to all the larger-than-life venues that Wizard World is known for hosting, this venue was rather small and claustrophobic. It didn’t help that there were over 50 vendors with lackluster items to sell and well over 1000 guests waiting in lines to not only see the vendors, but also receive their money’s worth of autographs and photo ops with the celebrities.

More often than not, the vendors at the Con had items that were worth the high price. However, this Con was different in many ways, due to the higher than normal prices.

The majority of the guests were in cosplay costumes as their favorite characters from movies and comic books. This not only made it very crowded but also extremely hot and muggy inside.

Along with that, there were no food options except for the few food trucks outside. And there weren’t very many trucks, it led to very long lines and hungry guests. 

There were also booths offering photos with movie props, such as Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, his axe Stormbreaker and Captain America’s shield. Charged a hefty price for their pictures.

With most of the attractions being vendors and celebrity photo ops there was really nothing else to do compared to most other cons that Wizard World has held. There was really nothing memorable for Comic Con veterans but for anyone who was new to the con it definitely left a memorable experience.


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