Oklahoma Sweetheart: Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood continues to amaze fans with her new tour

Carrie Underwood continues to amaze fans with her new tour

Megan Cherry, Memorial Online Editor-in-Chief

Wed. Sept. 25, Oklahoma born Carrie Underwood performed at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City. With openers Runaway June and Maddie & Tae, the Cry Pretty 360 tour was off to a great start.

After the openers, Underwood started her set with a new song from the album Cry Pretty titled Paradise City. She continued the new album hype with catchy pop song and my personal favorite from the album Southbound.” Underwood then changed the mood completely withDrinking Alone,” a song that paid homage to early jazz performers and gave the audience a glimpse into the singer’s impressive range. 

Underwood is known globally for her impressive ability to hold out difficult notes and belt out with her strong voice. Her setlist was able to highlight many of her powerful moments. The moments when Underwood demonstrated this I was reminded of just how talented she is.

After serenading fans with the hit Oklahoma-based song Blown Away,” Underwood decided to discuss how she came to fame: the original singing competition American Idol. She took a moment to thank her home state for all of the support and promises to continue to make her state proud.

Underwood is known for more than just her country themes. She focused much of her energy on her religious songs such as Temporary Home,” Jesus Take the Wheel” and “Something in the Water.” She continued to wow the crowd by mixing her hit song “Just a Dream with Aerosmith’s Dream On,” even hitting Steven Tyler’s extreme falsetto notes. This mashup was completely unexpected and gave me a newfound appreciation for the song, hearing it from Underwood made the song sound new and brought a sense of wonder to the stage.

Following her song mashup, Underwood brought out her opening acts reference previous female country singers. The women paid tribute to singer Cat Pierces with “Hard to be a Woman,” Dolly Parton with “9 to 5” and Shania Twain with smashing hit “Man I Feel Like a Woman.”

After performing hit song “Undo It,” Underwood, followed by live feed, went into her dressing room to apply the makeup for “Cry Pretty.” She applied pink and white glitter under her eyes. As she returned to the stage, the makeup began to drip from her eyes referencing the song title. This transition into the final two songs was creative and entertaining, it was something not usually seen at concerts.

After concluding with emotional ballad “Love Wins,” Underwood stood with her band and thanked the crowd for attending.

With emotional songs, dramatic lighting, extravagant outfits and a powerful voice, Underwoods Cry Pretty Tour satisfies fan expectations and brings a new kind of country music to the stage.

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