Swiper doesn’t Swipe the fun from this movie

Dora the Explorer coming to life in the new Movie

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Dora the Explorer coming to life in the new Movie "Dora and the Lost City of Gold."

Hannah Moseley, Santa Fe Staff Writer

Dora (Isabella Moner) has explored the jungle. Now she’s going on an even more dangerous adventure – an American high school. This family-friendly adventure is a mix of high school comedy and “Dora the Explorer” adventure.  The main characters are now 16-years old and struggling to fit in at their high school, but there is also humor that can be appreciated by movie goers both older and younger than the teen set, keeping them giggling throughout the movie. The movie’s main focus is on the importance of family and friendship. 

A teenage Dora finds herself moving from the jungle to the city; finding high school more dangerous than her jungle home. When her parents go missing, Dora, her cousin Diego, some new friends and her monkey Boots return to the jungle to search for them. Backpack, Map and Swiper the Fox also make appearances but as flashbacks to when a young Dora created imaginative adventures in her backyard. As Dora and her friends work to save her parents (played by Eva Longoria and Michael Pena), they also try to solve the mystery behind a lost Incan civilization, Parapata.  Dora, Diego (Jeffrey Wahlberg), Boots (voiced by Danny Trejo) and friends experience a mix of Indiana Jones and Jumanji-like adventures as they embark on their dangerous mission in a Peruvian jungle. 

 Many teens who watched “Dora the Explorer” as children can appreciate how the movie pays homage to the original Dora cartoon series. The movie’s plot is filled with suspense, humor and a good moral at the end of the day: be true to yourself. Despite being bullied in high school, Dora stays true to her happy-go-lucky but level-headed self and her adventurous spirit. She won over other teens who don’t quite fit in and just want to feel accepted for who they are and what they have to offer. The audience meets old friends and new as they follow Dora on her adventure. 

Many teens today  grew up watching Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr. According to the LA Times, the cartoon began in 2000 and had the first leading Latina character. The animated series averaged 2 million viewers when it began and its reruns still average 1.4 million viewers today. This coming of age movie brings Dora to life. Teens will enjoy the nostalgia and Isabella Moner’s portrayal of the over enthusiastic and quirky Dora.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold has an 84% Rotten Tomatoes rating and an 88% audience score. It has an average rating of 4 stars and is rated PG.

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