Mario Kart: Going Mobile

The Mario kart logo goes on all karts and most gliders.

The Mario kart logo goes on all karts and most gliders.

Peyton Jackson, Memorial Staff Writer

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Nintendo’s massively successful franchise Mario Kart recently reached great heights with their new app release to iOS and Android that already has 512,000 five star reviews on the Apple App store, Mario Kart: Tour. The franchise now lets the player play their favorite Mario Kart characters and race.

As of now, there are only a select few classic characters’ such as Mario, Toad and Yoshi, but there are also several karts and kites the player can collect throughout the game by collecting rubies. Which allow the player to open a random tube that will give the player either a character, kart or kite. The player can gain rubies through prizes and leveling up; they can find prizes randomly throughout the game.

 There are several cups to go through. In each cup there are three races and one final challenge for the player to complete for stars. The stars that the players gain determine if one can move onto the next cup. If one does not gain the required amount of stars they, can always go back and retry the race or challenge to gain back the stars they missed.

 A variety of maps have been added for the players enjoyment including classic maps from the Nintendo 64, Wii and Nintendo 3DS. There will also be a ranked system so people can play on the same skill level, coming in a future update. As of now one plays against non-player computers (NPCs) that will be harder and harder as they progress through the game.

As the player progresses, more characters and rubies one will come across, allowing the player to receive more and more through the game, giving one an incentive to keep playing on.

The further the game goes into its lifetime, the more Nintendo will add, such as multiplayer and one on one races.

As of now there are only ten cups to race in with more coming soon. The game also allows one to pick between three separate difficulties like in the original game.

With the franchise now in millions of people’s pockets, new doors for Nintendo to bring other popular franchises to life with a mobile game like Zelda and Metroid. The more opportunities that Nintendo decides to open offer more and more possibilities for their players.

Overall the game is enjoyable and fun but offers a challenge to keep players interested.


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