Meet Jared Wheeler – new Santa Fe teacher

Corrie Warmoth, Santa Fe Staff Writer

The first day of the 2016-2017 school year not only welcomed new students, but teachers. Jared Wheeler was one of many to walk though the Santa Fe halls as a new teacher. His broad experience in teaching landed him the opportunity to teach Oklahoma History, US History and Government at Santa Fe.

Wheeler is new to the Edmond district and the Edmond Schools’ positive reputations propelled him to teach at Santa Fe.

“I really like my classes,” Wheeler said. “My students are really great and all the teachers are awesome; I really enjoy getting to know everyone. The principals are really nice and they do a great job with helping students.”

Overall Wheeler has been impressed with Santa Fe and is excited for the school year he is going to have with his students.

“I want my students to learn more than history,” Wheeler said. “I want them to know that history can be applicable to real life, and that Social Studies isn’t where you just sit in a classroom and read a book it has principals that can apply to today.”

Wheeler had attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater where he received an undergraduate degree in Social Studies and a masters degree in teaching, learning and leadership. Wheeler has taught students at Summit Middle School as well as the Oklahoma City and Stillwater school districts.


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