Softball swings into season


The girls are jumping in excitement after winning a game.

Mary James, Staff writer

This year, the Edmond Memorial softball team has set the standards high. As of right now, they have a record of  3-1 and have high hopes of winning regionals this season. 

Senior Marleigh West is excited for this season and what is to come out of it.

 “We have a really good group of freshmen generating a lot of good plays and hits and all the runs for us,” said West. “They are a really helpful part of the team.”

The team has had a past of tough seasons, but this year the girls are ready to step it up and create a different outlook on the team. The girls have been working hard on and off the field, and it is definitely showing during their games.

“I would say this year the team is really good we all really kind, have great communication and are fantastic at talking to each other and making sure everyone is okay,” said West. 

Looking back on past seasons, West and the others girls are truly looking forward to what this season has in store for them as a team.

“All the girls are so supportive and create a really fun atmosphere at practices,” said freshman Natalie Smith

This season there are two freshmen, Ella Hamlin and Riley Watkins, that made the varsity squad; both girls add a  new dynamic to the team.

 “There have been times where we are all a little immature and we have our moments where we think more about ourselves instead of the team as a whole, but we have been working together as a team,” said West.

The team this year has also gained a new coach, Kayla Carlsward, who played for Memorial’s softball team when she went to school here. She has helped prepare the girls for this season with new techniques and being there for the girls has positively impacted the team.

 “This season, I am looking forward to being back on the field as a bulldog again; we also have a really solid lineup this year”, said Carlsward. 

The softball team’s biggest competitor is Mustang High School, which they played on Aug. 26. This year the Mustang vs. Memorial softball game was interrupted by bad weather but the girls were ahead early during the first game. During the first inning they were 3-0 then later on in the game Memorial made a few errors allowing Mustang to catch up the team lost 4-3 after a weather delay. However, they won the Perry tournament beating Woodward and Bethany

Overall, the softball team is looking at a really successful season and everyone is excited to see what they have in store under their cleats.

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