Writing up a storm


Chumley spoke for two hours to both the creative writing class and the club explaining the importance of writing and inspire them to chase their dreams.

Lauren Crouch, Memorial Staff Writer

Former Memorial teacher, Dee Dee Chumley returned to Memorial on Oct. 24 to speak to the creative writing students to inspire them with their own writing. Chumley retired 15 years ago to pursue her dream of becoming an author. Along the way, she has published two books called “Some Form of Grace” and “Beyond the Farthest Star.”

She originally began writing stories when a close friend invited her to join a writing group where they would edit and talk about each other’s stories in hopes of eventually publishing. 

“The writing journey is long, hard, frustrating and sometimes joyous, but it is totally worth all of the ups and downs,” Chumley said. 

The author talked about the process of writing and how it may take a lot of effort to finally make it perfect, but the final product is what matters the most. 

“Mrs. Chumley really gave me the opportunity of looking into the purpose behind the writing and why writers need to write,” sophomore Campbell Christensen said. “She answered some of my questions and really showed me what could be accomplished with hard work.”

Now that she is retired from teaching, Chumley enjoys traveling, exercising and volunteering for her church when she isn’t writing a story.

Students learned about the different purposes and paths to writing,” creative writing teacher Kelly Bristow said. “Mrs. Chumley made it clear that there are many different types of writing where one can find success.”

Chumley encourages everyone to try writing and to take the next step by joining a writing club and entering stories to contests to receive feedback. The students learned that the amount of edits does not matter, but by applying the corrections given and trying to succeed, one will end up with a well written story. 

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