Salata: your salad, your way


At Salata, the choices are limitless with fresh and delicious ingredients.

Halli Bratcher, Memorial Contributing Writer

Who doesn’t like salad? Well, a lot of people don’t, but if you do, Salata is the perfect place. Salata is a salad bar that allows you to customize your salad or wrap any way you please. 

There are over 50 fresh toppings to choose from, three hot soups, croissants and cookies. The fresh salad bar is located in Bryant Square, convenient for most bulldogs that are hungry for some greens.

When entering Salata, the atmosphere is welcoming and the smell of fresh vegetables is hard to miss. The lunch and dinner restaurant is very clean with an open kitchen concept. There is an option to order online or in store. Through the online order, the quickest a meal can be done is half an hour or one can choose a time you need your meal to be done. 

Ordering in store at the restaurant was quick and efficient. Customers choose whatever is desired in their salad from the lettuce, toppings and even the dressing. Salata has 12 unique and interesting choices of dressing, and one can only imagine there is something for everyone’s taste. 

My meal was pleasing and filling with a small salad and tomato basil soup. Salata offers two salad sizes which are small and regular. The small was challenging to finish, because the portions are quite large. Their soup options include a cup and bowl size and the tomato basil was very rich and creamy and the meal as a whole was very flavorful and satisfying.

The only complaint I would have about Salata is that it can be quite pricey. Yes, there is a good amount of food for what you pay for, but a single salad can range from $10 to $15. From personal experience, the price wasn’t too bad as it was only for one, but it could be expensive for a family. 

Salata is a fantastic place to grab a quick, nutritious and delicious meal. Their food is of great quality, the restaurant is very clean and the service is speedy. Employees of Salata do an excellent job of fast service and they keep a clean restaurant. This place is a great option for Bulldogs hungry for a salad, wrap or some soup.


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