“everything i wanted” is everything Billie Eilish fans wanted


Billie Eilish shakes fans to the core with her new song “everything i wanted.”

Avery Hamlin, Staff Writer

Since the March 29 release of Billie Eilish’s most recent album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” Eilish has been busy traveling on her premiere world tour. Despite being in a new city every night, Eilish has managed to give her fans the release of a surprise new song.  

Surprise new single “everything i wanted,” released Nov. 13, features a hypnotic and very prominent beat that engages the listener from the start. Listeners are then pulled further into the song’s trance when Eilish enters with her soft whispering tone, forcing attention to the lyrics. 

The lyrics standing alone are dedicated to mental illness and its prominence within individuals. Eilish begins the songs with lyrics relating to her history with night terrors and vividly describes a real dream she had in the past relating to suicide. From there, the chorus narrates as the support system needed in these situations. 

It has been confirmed by Eilish that the support system represented in her chorus pays tribute to her and her brother’s tight-knit relationship. The dynamic contrast from the verses that illustrate Eilish’s personal experience with deep anxieties and depression to the chorus switches the outlook entirely. 

Lyrics such as “and you say, as long as I’m here, no one can hurt you,” is a great variation from previous lyrics, but with the tone change within the music and her voice, Eilish flows the two ideas perfectly into one well-rounded conclusion.

In comparison to Eilish’s other songs, “everything i wanted” has a similar sound and message as “idontwannabeyouanymore” in her 2017 album,“Don’t Smile At Me.” The new song has tied together the new sound Eilish has found with the lyrical tone of her older songs that have distinct mental illness messages. 

Eilish has always felt the need to share her personal mental issues to inspire her fans. Staying open about these issues has created a creative flow for Eilish and her team, allowing them to create relatable content for her fans.

 Along with this new song, Eilish plans on creating more in the future. With the very recent release of an album, it is a sweet surprise to already have brand new music from her and the idea of another album coming soon doesn’t seem far off. “everything i wanted” is the perfect teaser for Eilish’s new generation of sound as she enters her adult years and the peak of her career. 


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