“Last Christmas” I gave you my heart


"Last Christmas" is inspired by the song of the same name and puts audiences into a holiday mood.

Megan Cherry, Memorial Online Editor-in-Chief

Kicking off the holiday season, the new romance flick “Last Christmas” released Nov. 8, is putting audiences into the holiday spirit. Directed by Paul Feig and produced by Feigco Entertainment, Perfect World Pictures and Calamity Films, “Last Christmas” is the latest holiday romantic comedy released in theaters to the public. As an avid Hallmark channel fanatic I was excited to check it out.

Kate (Emilia Clark) is a down-on-her-luck singer that works as a year-round “elf” at a Christmas store owned by “Santa” (Michelle Yeoh). In her personal life, Kate is struggling to connect with her parents Petra (Emma Thompson) and Ivan (Boris Isakovic) and sister Marta (Lydia Leonard). She lives mundanely, couch surfing and drinking. One day while working, Kate meets handsome stranger Tom (Henry Golding) and the two immediately click and their chemistry is evident.

Tom and Kate continue to have mini adventures together throughout the film. He teaches her to be more loving and selfless. She is soon inspired volunteer at a homeless shelter and work on her relationship with her family. She accomplishes it all in stride, especially after revealing to Tom that she thinks her problems stemmed from her heart transplant the year earlier.

The movie obviously pays homage to all of the Hallmark classics and is definitely a cheesy feel-good film for anyone who enjoys rom-coms. There are plenty of twists and turns, but the biggest plot twist was only obvious a few minutes before it was revealed. Clark does a good job portraying Kate, she really makes the character feel vulnerable and real.

Was it predictable? Yes. Was it cheesy? Yes. But as a stand alone film with basic elements, it succeeds. The cutesy details and overly romantic couple all add together in one fun but predictable experience.


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