Let it Snow review


The cover of Let It Snow portrays the happy and heartwarming Christmas feeling you feel throughout the whole movie.

Mary James, staff writer

It is safe to say the Netflix original Let it Snow directed by Luke Snellin is heartwarming, comical and a fun holiday movie that will leave you asking Netflix for more. Luke Snellin also directed the movie Mixtape, which won the 2009 grand prize award on Vimeo and the 2010 drama/short Disco

The movie is set during a snowstorm in a small town on Christmas Eve with a group of high school seniors facing major life moments, such as breakups, makeups, going off to college, staying true to yourself and more. 

As soon as the movie begins you meet all the characters, Julie Reyers, who has been accepted into Columbia University, Stuart Bale, a pop star passing through town, Dorrie, a waitress at the popular local diner that is learning to be more out there and Addie, Dorrie’s best friend that is in a toxic relationship with her boyfriend plus other characters facing other issues but were not named in the movie.

One of my favorite things about Let it Snow was how relatable it is to Gen Z. The movie touched common topics that real life teens are facing today and used up to date lingo to keep teens interested. With its intriguing beginning scenes to its heartwarming and fun ending, I could not take my eyes off of my screen. The movie had a phenomenal cast with many familiar faces such as Joan Cusack, Kiernan Shipka, Jacob Batalon, Isabela Moner and Shameik Moore. 

Although Let It Snow is a fun, lighthearted movie it could be a bit predictable at times and some of the scenes had some bad acting in it but those didn’t affect the overall message or atmosphere of the movie whatsoever. 

Overall, Let it Snow is one of Netflix’s greatest holiday original movies and deserves more hype than it has now plus a sequel wouldn’t hurt either.

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