Academic Team


The academic team after their tournament on Dec. 7.

Peyton Jackson, Memorial Staff Writer

The Academic Teams “A Team” at Edmond Memorial High School went 10-0 and the “B Team” went 5-5 on their tournament on Dec. 7.

Memorials Academic Team is a team of students that go to meets to compete against other teams and schools  about academics such as algebra, english, history and chemistry.

“Our Academic Team is in great shape,” said head coach of the ‘Froshmore’ Team (Freshman and Sophomores) and English teacher Amanda Liu. “We have different meets, Froshmore specific and others, that incorporate members from all levels.”

Memorials team is heavily dominated by underclassmen this year with 15.

“I am very confident in their abilities, especially upperclassmen and their teams,” said freshman and team captain Benjamin Lin. “However, the balance between trusting teammates and using personal knowledge is key to winning.”

The team is taking the season very seriously as they want to grow not only as individuals but as a team and want their program to grow and inspire new people.

“I think we have fostered a culture of doing really well and wanting to do really well at all these respective tournaments,” said social studies teacher and upperclassmen coach Jordan Gotcher. “I think the program is in good hands going forward.”

Memorials team has several strong and promising members this year that are sure to help the team reach state level.

“I look forward to winning,” Lin said. “While an underclassmen dominated team will not land us a high placement, were excited for the work that we put in to be of good use.”

The team will be competing against other 6A schools in the region to compete to go to state and will be entering seated at number one.

Coach’s and students on the team are actively pushing and encouraging each other to do their absolute best.

“Their success definitely reflects their hard work,” Liu said. “Their devotion to the team and Mr. Gotcher is unmatched and that is what drives us to a lot of our success.”

The academic team has been working diligently to reach and surpass their goals and their determination will likely go unmatched in the season to come. 

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