Meet Jessie Patterson, a New Teacher at Santa Fe

Every year at Santa Fe, a new set of teachers joins the staff to help the school grow and develop further. Even if some of the faculty members leave during the summer, there will always be new teachers to fill their void. One of the newest additions to the staff is Jessie Patterson.

Patterson teaches US History teacher and is a track coach. She received her college degree at Oklahoma State University (OSU) and she proceeded to teach high school at Stillwater for 3 years. This year, she decided to move to Edmond in order to have a fresh start in a new city and teach at Santa Fe.

From a young age, Patterson set a goal for herself to become a teacher. Even though the job may appear tiring and gruesome, Patterson enjoys being around students and seeing them grow.

“I decided to pursue teaching because both my mom and dad were teachers themselves and I’ve always enjoyed the school environment,” Patterson said.

Even though Patterson has only taught at Santa Fe for a few weeks, her experience here has already proven to be positive.

“Coming to Santa Fe has been the highlight of my career so far,” Patterson said. “Compared to the previous schools I’ve taught at, Santa Fe really stands out because of its talented, diverse faculty and students.”

Patterson has genuinely enjoyed her stay at Santa Fe so far and she looks forward to her future here.