Meet Mrs. Damas


Starting this year, Nicole Damas joined Edmond Memorial High School's teaching staff full time as an english teacher after graduating with a bachelors degree in English from Oklahoma State University last year.

Bradley Clark, Memorial Staff Writer

Weeks after graduating from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with a focus on English in December, new teacher Nicole Damas began her English teaching career at Edmond Memorial High School for the second semester.

Though Damas is new to being a full-time teacher and being a teacher at EMHS, she already feels as at home.

“Memorial has given me a good first impression,” Damas said. “The staff have been incredible and welcoming and the students here have also been great.”

Staff members at Memorial see great qualities in Damas. Her leadership qualities and teaching strategy has made her a fantastic addition to the school.

English teacher Kevin McDonald saw that Damas had what it takes.

She drew very clear and concise connections between her previous classroom experiences and what she anticipated her teaching reality at Memorial would be,” McDonald said. “She also made it very clear that her classroom management was driven by many of the expectations that we believe in, making her a good fit for our faculty.”

Assistant Principal Brandi Wheeler praises her overall leadership skills and presence she has established in Memorial’s English department. 

“She seems like a natural leader and also seems to make connections with her students really well, which is important to us as administrators,” Wheeler said.

Even though Damas wasn’t raised in a family of teachers or English majors, she always felt a love for teaching English and helping out others. It’s why she changed her major and career focus from agriculture to English midway through her college career.

“I have always felt passionate towards teaching English and helping out other people, and I feel like the career path I chose helps me do both,” Damas said.

Damas gained some of her passion from past teachers that stood out to her and showed her attention on a more personal level.

The teachers that impacted me were ones that made me feel important and had a desire not only to teach their subject or content, but also help their students personally,” Damas said. “My life felt important to them and that has impacted me in a way I want to make my own students feel.”

She hopes to mold her students into responsible adults, who are smart, and well-versed and express what they feel as they grow up.

I want to help students become engaged citizens and immerse themselves in the world around them,” Damas said. With the climate of the world today, it’s important that as adults we teach students to be more empathetic towards their peers.” 

When Damas isn’t teaching her students, she enjoys playing card games, outside activities and reading.


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