One size does not fit all


The “one-size fits all” clothing brand, Brandy Melville has been one of the most popular teen clothing trends in recent years.

Rachel Weathers, Memorial Staff Writer

Fashion is a way for teens to express themselves through their own unique style and they are often influenced by the latest trends. One of the most popular trends is the “one size fits all” clothing brand, Brandy Melville. Since the Italian brand was brought to the United States in 2009, it has been targeted at a very specific group. 

The brand only carries one size which they say fits all, but in reality, it only caters towards those who fit into an extra-small to small size. Because of the brand’s immense popularity, many teens have wanted to wear Brandy Melville’s clothing, but there’s a challenge when the brand has such limited sizing options. 

The brand’s “one size fits all” system of sizing has created much controversy and many have developed their own opinions regarding it.

“Having one size fits all is very ignorant and assumes too much of how customers who shop there should look.” junior Crystal Chavez said.  “It makes anyone who can’t fit into their clothes feel self-conscious.”

Brandy Melville has had a large online presence contributing to its popularity. 

“It’s become popular because more influencers are promoting the brand’s products and because of that many young girls have wanted to wear the clothes as well,” freshman Daniela Herman said.  

 Brandy Melville features many of the latest teen styles, making it no surprise as to why so many would like to follow the trend. 

“The brand is so appealing to teens because it is trendy clothing that fits the style of our generation,” junior Taylor Talley said. “Teens want so badly to look older and Brandy Melville is a brand that markets towards that.” 

Because the brand only offers one size, many see the potential for the brand to create low self-esteem and body image issues if a customer doesn’t fit into the sizing range. 

“I would assume it affects many people’s perspectives on themselves whether they want to admit it or not, especially since most of Brandy Melville’s customers are teens,” Chavez said. 

Teens see that the company has a certain image in mind of who should wear their clothes, which is obvious through them offering one size. 

“Marketing clothes as “one size fits all” implies that there is a right way to look and a wrong way when that could not be farther from the truth; it makes you feel like something is wrong with you when the marketing style is the real problem,” Talley said. 

Although Brandy Melville has been the rage of teenage fashion for the past several years, the brand’s choice of sizing options doesn’t keep the average teen in mind. This could be one reason the trend is more prominent online than in retail locations. 

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