Influencers Taking Action


Lizzo at Victoria Foodbank during her tour in Australia.

Ray Rayburn, North Staff Writer

As of now, the bushfires in Australia have claimed 29 civilian lives and millions of acres of land. An estimated one billion wildlife and livestock have been killed or destroyed in the fires. Civilians are doing everything they can to stop the fires. Celeste Barber, an Australian comedian, raised $26 million dollars for the cause in just one week. Other celebrities and influencers all over the world just like Barber have volunteered their services as well.

Social media is well known for its ability to impact young minds, for better or worse. In this case, many creators are using their influence for good. Celeste barber herself was able to raise as much money as she did through Facebook. An organization called Find a Bed was set up by Erin Riley to aid those without safe places to stay after the fires. Twitter was a large factor in how news of the site was able to spread. In times of crisis, social media is able to keep people updated and safe.

Away from social media, celebrities have found their own ways to help. Some popular icons are using the profits from their sales, such as Blink-182 donating all the profits of their new merchandise to bushfire relief. Others encourage their fans to help by giving easy access to charities they can donate to while giving them something in return. Lizzo, a well known rap artist, stopped at Victoria Foodbank on Jan. 8th to volunteer her help. Other celebrities including Rachael Ray, Ellen DeGeneres, and Leonardo DiCaprio have raised millions of dollars each.

Lizzo used her Instagram stories as an opportunity to speak out on the subject. 

“This isn’t a political issue at this point, this is a human issue. The CO2 emissions that are being created by this fire are staggering and it affects the world,” said Lizzo.

For those that are inspired to donate by their favorite celebrities but do not have immediate access to large amounts of money or plane tickets to Australia, small donations can still help. A good site to aid you in your search for a charity is Charity Navigator. It allows you to see which charities fit your personal standards. While one of the options is donating directly to a charity, there’s another choice that specializes in helping koalas. The Australian Koala Foundation’s adopt a koala program has spread throughout the internet. For $20.49 you can “adopt” a koala and support the foundation. However you go about it, you can take action and help a good cause through an influencer or on your own.