Factory Obscura Mix-Tape Makes Art Interactive


Savanna Rush, North Staff Writer

The Factory Obscura Mix-Tape interactive museum is located at 25 NW 9th St in OKC. It is held in the psychedelic arts center founded by the frontman of the Flaming Lips. Tickets are $15 per adult and $12 per child ages 12 and under. Individual and family annual passes are also available up to $245 for a group of 7. The exhibit is closed to the public on Mon. and Tues., however it is open 12pm to 6pm Wed. through Sun. The drive, to and from Edmond, is approximately an hour. Senior Sarah Holmes recently visited the museum and had the following to share about her experience.
“The best way I can describe this place is that it’s series of rooms you walk through,” Holmes said. “And each one is supposed to represent a different mix-tape or emotion.”
Special enhancing 3D glasses are available at the gift shop next to the ticket stand for an addition $1. There are lots of bright lights and reflective objects inside the rooms, so the glasses add a unique, sparkling effect to these.
“ It was very interactive and the employee told my friends and I everything was hand crafted and we were allowed to touch,” Holmes said. “I loved wearing the glasses we got there because they added on to the already cool visuals. I would recommend going to the museum, but do not set aside an entire day for it because it does not take that long to go through. Also taking pictures there is half the experience so make sure you bring your phone.”
Holmes had a great point when she said that bringing a camera is very important. This attraction has quickly become a hit on instagram for its photogenic atmosphere. My favorite room was the that gave me the most nostalgia. It was decorated as a young girl’s room with colorful lights, posters, and even a hairbrush microphone that was synced with lyrics that played on her vanity mirror.
Employees very subtly watch each room to make sure none of the artwork on display is destroyed or heavily tampered with. Taking time out of your day to walk through a fascinating exhibit like this one is definitely worth it. The staff is friendly and they always have a new and exciting event going on VIA their instagram posts. This is the spot to spend your afternoon if you want to take cute pictures, see some unique art, and not break the bank. You have to see it to believe it.

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