Welcome to the big dogs


Ryan is ready to start a new year fresh and new. She is also excited to meet all of the students throughout the years at Memorial.

Lauren Crouch, Memorial Staff Writer

 A friendly new face has joined the Bulldog family: counselor Natalie Ryan. This is because after career counselor Herekisha Hardy transferred to Summit Middle School in the Edmond Public School District. 

Ryan moved to Edmond expecting to find a job in August of 2020. She considers herself lucky to find a perfect counseling position so quickly.

“She is very experienced, and at her last school district, she stayed for more than 30 years, meaning she stays put and believes in the tradition that Memorial stands for,” counselor Stacey Tate said. 

Ryan is originally from Olathe, Kan. where she started as a math teacher who helped students struggling in school. Then she went back to school and earned her degree for counseling, and eventually transitioned to a counselor. 

“When I walk through the hallways, the students are so friendly and polite by holding the door open for me and welcoming me in the hallways,” Ryan said. 

Her duties will be to discuss with students their future career paths and what they plan to do after high school. 

“Academic counselors are extremely important to the success of any school building,” principal Anthony Rose said. “One of their most important duties ‘counseling’ students through the years to ensure they are going in the right direction, both academically and emotionally.” 

The biggest challenge that Ryan had to conquer was the layout of the school. Classrooms are spread out and there are multiple buildings at Memorial, while her other schools have classrooms consolidated in one area. Ryan believes that she can quickly overcome this obstacle and learn throughout the rest of the year.  

“We are excited to have her as part of the team,” Rose said. 

She is also a mother of four sons, her youngest being 19 and her oldest being 29. In her free time, she loves to read and talk to people. 

Memorial’s staff welcomes such an experienced and hardworking counselor to the Bulldog family and hopes she has a wonderful time at Memorial. 

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