Meet Emily Bare – new Santa Fe teacher

Mikayla Barstow, Santa Fe Staff Writer

At first, she didn’t plan on teaching, but performing.

“I remembered how much I loved teaching and thought, ‘I could teach this’,” new French teacher Emily Bare said.  

Bare had been studying Opera and Musical Theatre, but as a senior decided it wasn’t the career for her.

While trying different things, she took a French class for the first time in a few years and loved it. Bare then received her Master’s Degree at Kansas State University to teach French and then studied in France for a year.

Bare has been teaching for a little over ten years now; five of those were spent only at Edmond North; now she commutes back and forth. Bare’s past teachers inspired her to become a teacher. As she teaches, Bare hopes to follow in her teachers’ footsteps.

“There are always those teachers that stand out and make a big impact. Those are the ones that I try my best to emulate each day,” Bare said.

Bare brings a qualified and helpful view to the French department.

“Bare is a great teacher. She knows how to get her point across and  takes her time to make sure everything clicks,” sophomore Cael Reinhardt said.

While it is difficult for Bare to travel, handle time and be at two different schools, she enjoys teaching at both locations.

“At their core, Santa Fe and North are the same. Both schools have incredible students and teachers,” Bare said.

While the majority of the students at both schools rival against each other, Bare didn’t see a difference coming into Santa Fe from North and knew she was walking into a great school.

“I expected the same as what I have come to know and love about all Edmond Schools- an ambition for excellence,” Bare said.

As of print, Bare is on maternity leave.