2020 XFL season

The football season is not over yet, with the new introduction of the XFL.

The football season is not over yet, with the new introduction of the XFL.

Jaden Scamehorn, Memorial staff writer

The Extreme Football League, owned by Alpha Entertainment, has been reintroduced for its first season since 2001. The new XFL was refounded in 2018 with plans to take a new approach to their style of play. 

The XFL wishes to create a faster-paced game, hoping to create a two and a half hour game compared to NFL games that can exceed  three hours.

The first introduction of the XFL only lasted one year due to its disorganized and poor planning, games ran longer than expected with teams not understanding all the rules. 

The recreation of the league was announced just one year prior to games beginning.

The 2019 XFL draft took place Oct. 15 through Oct. 16 with a selected 71 players added to eight different teams rosters. The selection process was different than the NFL draft, with each round drafting for a different position.

The NFL is so hard to make it into and if anyone does, they have to prove themselves to be the best in order to see any amount of playing time.

 The XFL can bring plenty of opportunities for athletes who wish to continue their careers in different ways.

The XFL announced the way, they are correcting the mistakes made in 2001. They will be giving more time for teams and coaches to prepare their team for the upcoming season. 

The XFL wants their style of play to be different than the NFL. There are several new rules, but the main rule changes are to the point, after a touchdown, kickoff and punt. 

The point after a scored touchdown, teams will be given the choice to go for one point from ten yards away, two points from 20 yards away or three points from 30 yards away.

 Another rule introduced is the kick off. Both teams will stand five feet away from each other when the ball is kicked off with no running start allowed. There are several other new rules introduced that will be seen live in Feb.

The XFL is set to kick off its first game Sat. Feb. 8, With the NFL season ending on Feb. 2, the XFL will start shortly after.


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