Varsity girls basketball: players first, family second


Leah Franklin

With the basketball season coming to a close, the varsity girls basketball team has maintained a relatively even record.

Colt Beat, Memorial Co-Editor-in-Chief

When it comes to playing basketball, stellar footwork, impeccable hand-eye coordination and diligent knowledge of the sport creates an ideal player. These qualities, in addition to sportsmanship, versatility and teamwork, define the individuals that compose the girls basketball team at Edmond Memorial High School.

“This year’s team is extremely driven and each player has improved considerably since the beginning of the season,” said senior basketball manager Niomi Kloster.

The girls had to overcome the loss of five seniors from the previous season, four of them having been varsity starter players for the team. Junior Isabella Langenberg is one of the players who has filled a starting position.

“Those seniors who graduated were the leaders of the team, but this year, senior Katelyn Levings and I have stepped up to fill the roles of those key players,” Langenberg said. “Having a lot of young players with phenomenal talent will be a great way to show adversity and push ourselves to be better.”

Senior Cayren Davis claims that the loss of players from their previous season has been a hard but ultimately manageable adjustment.

“Although we lost some talent, we have certainly gained what was lost through the recruitment of younger players,” Davis said. “All in all, everyone on the team is full of energy and we continue to uplift each other.”

Freshman Baylor Franz is one of the three freshmen who have had playing time this year on the varsity team.

“The older players have taught me that basketball is just a game and to have fun with it,” Franz said. “Both the coaches and the upperclassmen have supported me on and off the court, which is really nice coming into the team as a freshman.”

Basketball is the longest sport season, lasting from October to March. Over the course of the season, the girls have played against multiple schools, including district teams from Moore, Putnam City, Edmond, Norman, Stillwater and many others from the metropolitan area, maintaining a current record of 11 wins and 9 losses.

“This team is special because they really like each other, inside and outside of school,” assistant coach Rachel Crabaugh said. “However, the girls constantly challenge one another too, and it makes me so proud watching the girls on cheering for their teammates on the floor, verifying that the success of the team as a whole is the most important aspect.”

A highlight shared amongst the girls was winning the Enid Holiday Classic that took place Dec. 26-28, where the players had a memorable bonding experience playing against Hoops for Christ, OKC Storm and Sand Springs.

Some of the notable memories of this tournament were senior Kyndal Davis and freshman Baylor Franz receiving all tournament team recognition, in addition to Levings being named most valuable player.

“Because we are considered the underdog in most of our conference games including the Enid Holiday Classic, we just have to work harder to prove everyone wrong,” Levings said. “As a team, we fight hard and are very dependent on each other.”

Next in the girls’ journey is to take part in their final three games, and then compete in the regional tournament Feb. 27-29, in hopes of being able to qualify for a position in the area and state competitions that take place March 5-7 and March 12-14 respectively.

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