Is Valentine’s Day necessary ?


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Valentine's day is all about love

Fallyn Smith, Memorial Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is a holiday held Feb, 14 to celebrate love. As a result, people are either showered with chocolate or tears. 

This holiday, which originated as a Christian holiday feast honoring Saint Valentine, is now a national holiday that emphasizes love for others, like the people many years ago celebrated their love for St. Valentine.

“Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday,” sophomore Erin Foster said. “I love getting sweet notes and candy from family and friends.”

 Many people give and receive nice gifts to tell that person they appreciate them, so for most people, this holiday is very enjoyable, but not for everyone.

“I do not understand the point of Valentines Day, because it just makes me sad I do not have the honor to buy special gifts for any girls,” sophomore Tyler Cossey said. 

 This holiday is a day for spending time with the people and making each other feel loved, not just about having a significant other. 

“I like to spend Valentine’s Day with all of my best friends,” Maddie Carroll said. “We dress up, go to a fancy dinner and binge watch romance movies, wishing we had what the movie characters have.”

Couples often exchange gifts and go on a date night, as is the tradition for Valentines Day. The single ones are usually out with friends or in for “Galentine’s Day” with the girls. 

For many people, Feb, 14 is a normal day, not everyone celebrates this holiday. 

“Valentines Day can be thrilling for those who are in a relationship, but not all couples celebrate this day,” senior Hailey Moore said. 

Many couples choose not to celebrate this holiday because they agree not to give each other gifts or they simply don’t care about having a certain day to feel more loved. 

“There should not be a certain day to show others how loved they are, if they are truly loved it should be an everyday thing,” Moore said. 

If one decides to shower others with love and gifts for a day it is important to show that love constantly, however Valentine’s Day should not be the one day out of the year people show love. 

“Valentine’s Day is pointless,” Cossey said. “Why celebrate love when not everyone has someone to love?”

Most young adults dread this holiday knowing they will not have anyone to spend the day with.

“It can suck to not have a partner to share the holiday with, but there’s always next Valentines Day,” Carroll said.

Valentines Day will never be a necessary holiday to everyone, but it’s nice to have a day to receive love from others.


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