Senior sunrise: a new tradition


Leah Franklin

Students gathering in the football stadium during the Senior Sunrise event.

Clayton Hedges, Memorial Staff Writer

Senior year is an emotional rollercoaster for many students; it is the final year of comfort before every teen’s journey off to join the workforce or a university away from home. 

Many schools have traditions that are meant to symbolize the beginning and end of seniors’ final year and Edmond Memorial High School’s senior body has decided to start one of their own.  

Senior Sunrise is the new tradition meant to represent the dawning of students’ final year at EMHS; through this event, the senior body wanted to boost morale in the senior class by giving them a chance to talk and mingle together while watching the sunrise, beginning the new year. 

“We wanted to do this because we noticed many of the seniors are feeling very unmotivated and detached from the school,” senior treasurer Meredith Mountford said. “We wanted to create an event to motivate the senior class to make the most of their last year together.”

Senior Sunrise was meant to occur on the first day of school, yet the idea wasn’t implemented until Jan. 31. An effect from this late start was that the weather was too cold for some to feel inclined to come, but considering the time of year, there was a fairly good turn out. 

 “Some improvements need to be made to ensure more come, as we ended up having the sunrise in almost freezing weather.” senior president Jonathan Lin said.

The decent turn out is partly due to the free Whataburger breakfast sandwiches, Krispy Kreme Donuts and bagels from Old School Bagel Cafe provided to those who attended. These generous donations made the cold bearable for many and when the sun was finally visible through the trees there was audible applause from the students.

“It was a really nice moment,” senior Michael Forhan said, “Seeing the sunrise while I was with my friends really allowed me to reflect on my high school experience.” 

All in all, the new tradition could be considered a success and the senior body is already planning the second half of their new tradition, Senior Sunset, which will be on May 14, two days before graduation.


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