Kesha takes the high road

Singer Kesha released her mew album Jan. 31 to excited fans.

Singer Kesha released her mew album Jan. 31 to excited fans.

Megan Cherry, Memorial Online Editor-in-Chief

Pop party extraordinaire Ke$ha released her new album High Road, Jan. 31. The album features a menagerie of different songs with unique themes, such as relationships, whether it be familial, platonic or romantic. The album includes 15 all new songs sung by Ke$ha with a few special guests.

Ke$ha is known for her popular upbeat party songs like “Tik Tok” and “Blow” that helped define a generation. Joining these iconic hits are new jams “My Own Dance,” “Tonight,” “Raising Hell” and my personal favorite “Chasing Thunder,” all from the album. 

High Road as an album was created to bring the singer back to her roots. Her previous album Rainbow was a major shift from her status quo and she decided that this new album should be more based on her pop roots, and because I grew up with those jams, a blast to the past was more than welcome. 

Alongside these jams are more contemporary emotional songs about moving forward. “High Road” is all about moving past the hate and onto better things.

After the emotional hit that was “Praying” from her previous album Rainbow, fans rightfully expected another heartfelt ballad and while High Road does have “Father Daughter Dance,” the most emotional piece for the singer in the album, it doesn’t quite measure up to “Praying.” The singer has never known who her father was and he has not come forward. 

Ke$ha brings back a more upbeat and funky tone with “The Potato Song” and “BFF.” She keeps things moving with “Resentment,” “Honey” and “Little Bit of Love,” all about relationship woes. These songs help to diversify the album and bring a new sound.

All of the songs in High Road are rated explicit, so it is only suitable for older audiences. Ke$ha is known for her cursing, however, so the ratings were expected.

According to ITunes, the most streamed songs are “Raising Hell,” “Tonight,” and “Resentment” in that order. 

With the songs in the album being anywhere from pop to country to just plain random, High Road was absolutely the singers most exhausting album emotionally. She dug deep into her past and used it to inspire new sounds and interesting beats.

The singer obviously put her heart and soul into this album and even though it is quite predictable, it is entertaining and satisfies any fans.  


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