A new honor: Mr. Hopkins as support employee of the year


Leah Franklin

Anthony Hopkins, facilities coordinator, wins Edmond Memorial's Support Employee of the year

Tala Trad, Memorial Staff Writer

More likely than not, students all over Edmond Memorial have seen facilities manager Anthony Hopkins as they walk the halls. They see his dedication to ensuring that the classrooms are ready for teachers and students, and among recent construction, that the building is safe. Still, many don’t know him by name. 

Hopkins has recently been named Memorial’s Support Employee of the Year by the Edmond Public School district (EPS), an honor to recognize the hard work behind the organization of the school. Hopkins has been working at Memorial for over 19 years and has now become a vital part of the school’s infrastructure. 

“Anything dealing with maintenance, facilities and organization is run through him,” principal Anthony Rose said. “He has seen several changes to our campus over the years, from the staff to the actual building itself.”

Hopkins oversees everything from electrical work to plumbing and more personal interactions like hand-delivering packages to teachers. By many students, Hopkins’ work often goes unnoticed, but Memorial’s faculty recognizes how instrumental he is in ensuring every teacher and student is prepared. Despite doing so much for others, Hopkins credits the smiling faces and friendly atmosphere for making his work meaningful.

“When you’re around good people, it influences you to be a good person,” Hopkins said.

 Hopkins’ kind nature and interaction with countless stakeholders on a daily basis makes him an invaluable part of Memorial’s environment. 

“The radios in our offices repeatedly signal out for his help and each time, he responds with a ‘this is Anthony, go ahead!’ to every single request for his help,” Rose said. “We could not do what we do here at Memorial without him.”

Hopkins is an institution at Edmond Memorial, and with this new recognition by the school district on par with the district’s Teacher of the Year award, it makes sense that they honor someone like him.

“I have admired the administrators, teachers and support staff and feel they are family,” Hopkins said. “This place feels like home.”

 The Support Employee of the Year for Edmond will be named at the Celebration of Excellence in March, as will the Teacher of the Year.


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