Project Princess

Mary James, Memorial Staff Writer

Every student has their own activities after school, such as sports, gaming, jobs and hanging out with friends. For these Memorial students, their after-school routine is a bit more unique. 

Seniors Chloe Singleton, Lauren Timbrook and Dawson Rouse work for a children’s birthday party/event center called Project Princess that has been in service since 2014. They dress up as different movie characters such as all the princesses, superheroes, and other Disney characters and entertain children at birthday parties and events.

“My favorite part about Project Princess is doing volunteer events, like the Autism Piece walk that was my absolute favorite,” Singleton said. “We saw about 500 people in one day, and it was so nice to see all the kids’ faces light up, it really warmed my heart.”

Project Princess is involved with many other events that raise awareness for many different organizations.

“I heard from a friend about this job and was immediately drawn to how fun it sounded,” Timbrook said. 

Singleton has been working there since August of her sophomore year. Timbrook has been working at Project Princess for almost a full year now, and Rouse has been working there since the beginning of this school year. 

”My favorite character to play is Anna from Frozen,” Timbrook said. “She’s super fun, especially with the kids since I have the opportunity to act really excited and over the top, which I love.”

Project Princess is a popular service for kids parties and brings joy to all the kids that have the opportunity to be apart of it. For some children, it’s the closest thing to Disney World they can come to, so they really enjoy it. Employees, they gain seeing the children’s faces light up and the joy they bring to them.

“Working at Project Princess is definitely weird at first, but once you warm up to it, it for sure pays off,” Rouse said.

This job takes a lot of preparation and determination for each character that you play. To act the character, you must know the role really well. This means the employees have to watch the movies until they feel they know the character well enough to be able to answer the many questions the children might ask.

“It’s a really great community to be in,” Rouse said. “All the people in Project Princess are so welcoming, so you gain a lot of great friends.” 

Singleton, Rouse and Timbrook love their jobs at Project Princess and truly adore the joy they bring to the children. They plan on working there for the time being and encourage others to try it out as well. 


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