New year, same badges



In the 2019-20 school year, ID badges have been implemented for safety reasons.

Halli Bratcher, Memorial Staff Writer

Imagine walking into school after having a serene and wonderful morning. That is until one realizes they forgot their ID badge and panic floods in, destroying the dam of tranquility with the shame of a printable ID sticker. ID badges⁠– every student has an opinion on them, and most of them are particularly negative.

The lanyards were implemented for the safety of the students, but are they actually helping, or are they just a burden?

The ID badge initiative was created as another layer of safety for our students,” freshman principal Keith Pautler said. “Prior to the badges being in place, many of our doors were not secure during the day due to foot traffic between buildings,” 

Even though the purpose of the badges is apparent, many students question if there was a need for them in the first place. “I know they are meant for our safety, but I’ve never really felt unsafe at school because of the check-in system we have,” sophomore Joeci Hunt said. “They are just another thing to remember and keep up with, which is annoying.”

From a poll taken on with 130 respondents, 54% of students said they hated them and 38% don’t care about them. Few students responded positively, with a low 9% of possible feedback.

According to Pautler, the badges have done their job in keeping unwanted visitors out of the building.

“The ID badges have already helped us identify individuals who may not have checked in at an office or should not be on our campus at all,”  Pautler said.

Although the ID badges aren’t exactly favorable, they keep the Memorial staff and students safe. 

“Even though I don’t like wearing them, I trust that they keep us safe and keep any bad people out,” freshman Mikala Beagles said.

Even though the badges have done their job well, there is still work for years to come. They may be helping out with security and safety, but there is always room for improvement.

“With any implementation, there is room for growth. Certainly, the way we all view the ID’s will change over time,” Pautler said. “Our hope is that we can find a sustainable way to utilize this security measure that meets the needs of both our community members and our students.

If wearing a five by three rectangle of plastic around one’s neck helps to keep the school safe, why not just wear it? It may be easily forgotten or detrimental to an outfit, but in the long run, it secures the building and promotes a safe learning environment. 

Badges are the hottest new trend of the 2019-20 school year. Wear them with pride⁠– you never know, they just might save your life.


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