The Turning is turning heads

The Turning was a movie with twist and turns, the ending will leave you wanting more.

The Turning was a movie with twist and turns, the ending will leave you wanting more.

BriAnna Harbaugh, Memorial Staff Writer

For all the scary movie lovers of 2020, there’s a new horror flick with a twist of its own that will leave you begging for more.

“The Turning” was released in theaters Jan. 24. The movie was directed by Floria Sigismondi, a Canadian-Italian film director. Most people might be gravitated toward the movie since “Stranger Things” actor Finn Wolfhard plays Miles. The lead actress is 9, Brooklyn Prince, named Flora. 

 In “The Turning” the setting of this story is based in 1994, a nanny cares for the children and quickly realized that something is off about them. An evil presence is among them, but no one will admit it. At the end of the movie, there’s a twist. Then one would think that it was the end, it goes back into time and twists the ending one more time, leaving people confused. As the audience expects it to end, there will most likely be a sequel to finish off the movie. 

The nanny is played by Mackenzie Davis, an elementary teacher enlisted to teach and be a full time nanny, and experiences things that no one else experiences. Caretaker of the children and house is played by Barbara Marten. 

Personally, the movie threw me towards the end. It did have a good storyline, but it was all just so confusing with no idea or backstory of what or where this was coming from. Everything about the trailer and ads made it much more scary and thrilling than what it actually was. There weren’t really any jumpscares. It was overhyped and had parts that hopped around in the story.

This movie would be recommended for teens or horror movie lovers. The rating is PG-13. Even though it may have some points that didn’t make since it’s a great movie.


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