Meet Mia Lashley


Mia Lashley is a new student at Edmond Memorial High School and is currently enrolled in memorial's drama class.

Bradley Clark, Memorial Staff Writer

Even though she just started high school, the sky seems to be the limit for the Memorial freshman Mia Lashley and her future in acting.

Lashley’s passion and skills as a performer have always been a part of life. Mia has been involved in the performance arts, specifically singing and acting.

 “I started singing along with Disney songs from a very young age,” Lashley said. “I was four when I acted in my first show.”

Lashley’s looks back fondly on the time she played a role in a stage production of a Christmas Carol as a young child. She vividly remembers working alongside older kids and adults on the cast. The experience as a whole was a growing experience for her.

She also fondly looks back on the time she played Katherine in the award winning musical “Newsies.” It was a chance for her to improve her abilities, especially with the challenges of having to dance and memorize her choreography for certain tap numbers featured in the show.

As the years have gone by, Lashley has continued to improve her craft of acting, studying performers like Cory Cott and Linsdey Lohan.

Her efforts and potential have already garnered attention from other actors, mentors and fans of performance art.

Drama teacher Amy Flud in particular saw her potential early on after they worked on a monologue exercise together. 

“It’s amazing how she was able to reach those emotional points she needed to reach in her monologue,” Flud said. 

She also appreciates Lashley’s willingness to listen, act and show respect whenever she is around fellow actors and peers.

One of her friends, freshman Rayan Sawan, also appreciates her. Sawan, along with the drama class, also sees a lot of potential in her.

“She’s an amazing friend and person,” Sawan said. “I hope that she will exceed what we expect of her because we expect a lot from her in the future.”

Even though she does feel the praise from those around her, she knows that she isn’t a perfect performer.

“I sometimes tend to compare myself and my talents to other people when I audition,” Lashley said. “I am trying to get out of my comfort zone, though.”

While Lashley will always enjoy acting, she isn’t directly focused on becoming a full time performer. She does hope she can begin a career in youth development, even if it isn’t linked with acting.


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