EnviroDogs: reaching for an impact


Recycling has bettered the environment and is helping Memorial with the Swine Week's charity donor.

Mariah Vargas, Memorial Staff Writer

It’s time to start saving cans, because recycling bins have re-entered the building. Head of EnviroDogs Andrea Sampley decided to start recycling again after Memorial stopped due to problems with payments and trash making their way into recycling bins. 

“In 2004, we were recycling anything that could be recycled in this area. Last year, we were paying 80 dollars a month for recycling,” Sampley said. “We had lots of problems with recycling and it got to the point when we had up to a 300 dollar fine. We as a club couldn’t afford to pay monthly.” 

EnviroDogs aren’t just making a difference for the bulldog environment, but for the Swine Week’s charity donor, the HALO Project

“All the money we make from recycling goes to Swine Week,” Sampley said. “Last time I looked, the prices were about 75 cents a pound for aluminum, but some students put plastic wrap and junk into the cans, and that’s a big problem.”

Students and staff can help raise money to support the HALO Project and keep our environment clean and healthy. 

“Every single soda can students have should be recycled,” Sampley said. “As long as they’re dumped out they can be used, and crushing them would also be great because it would save a lot of space in the bins.”

Students Brennan Lynch and Andrew Lynch recently traveled to Selman Living Laboratory to gain a better understanding of why recycling should be taken seriously.

“We learned a lot about plant life, animal behaviors and activities we could do to improve the environment,” Lynch said.

Recycling helps students have a better understanding of why it’s important to keep our community clean. A healthy environment means less worrying about animals eating trash or humans breathing in intoxicated air. 

“When recycling, we have a better and cleaner environment, which impacts us because we’ll be breathing clean air and there would possibly be less pollution,” Andrew said.

Now, there are recycling bins all over the building. Instead of throwing away unwanted cans, head to the hallway and put them in the blue bins, but make sure they’re clean and crushed. This is a great way to both raise money for Swine Week and better our community.


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