Swine Week theme 2020

Swine Week has been apart of Memorials culture since 1986.

Swine Week has been apart of Memorials culture since 1986.

Fallyn Smith, Memorial Staff Writer

Memorial’s Swine week tradition is the time of the year that students and staff are most excited for. 

“Swine Week lifts the spirit of students and staff for the remainder of the year,” Memorial graduate Hayden Mennella said.

Swine Week started at Memorial in 1986, students and staff raised money for an individual that needed help with medical bills in an exciting way. Now the school raises money for non profit organizations that help children in our community tremendously. 

“During swine week I usually end up donating about $100 towards the recipients. I love giving, especially to a good cause in a fun way,” Senior Autumn Tennyson said.

Every year Memorial students vote for a swine week theme, this year the theme, Hoggywood was voted for the most. This theme will have very interesting dress up days. 

“My favorite part of Swine Week is dressing up every day. Most years, Memorial’s dress up days are grade color, jersey and official Swine Week shirt,” senior Morgan Harvick said. “The other two days usually depend on the theme that year.”

With Hoggywood being the theme for 2020, the two interesting dress up days are Westcoast celebrity and ski vs. surf. The school likes to change it up each year, making students and staff more excited to dress up. 

“During Swine Week, everyone forgets about the bad for a while and instead, comes together to raise money for the kids,” Mennella said. 

Memorial celebrates Swine Week all year round with piggy pastries which are little treats students sell to raise money, 25k in a day and money runs. 

“This one week of the whole school year makes such an impact on our community, and it’s great to see everyone smile with each other,” Harvick said

Seniors at Memorial tend to value their last Swine Week more than anything, but graduating or not, anyone is encouraged to donate and come together as a community. 

“Even as a senior, I will definitely be coming back for Swine Week next year and I love it so much,” Tennyson said.

Swine Week makes a difference to everyone that wants to be involved.


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